David Brooks


Mental Game Training

We take a very practical approach to mental game training. Whilst it is important the concepts and tools we deliver have an academic robustness, what is critical is these tools are straightforward to use and work for golfers in a performance environment. We don’t sit a room to discuss your mental skills, we get out into the environment in which these skills are used; the practise ground, by the first tee, and on the course.

In reality for professional golf coaches every coaching session involves some element of psychology, this could be in skill acquisition, target orientation, practise discipline or simply building your confidence through productive self-talk. Our coaches have gained their experience through a mix of training courses and discussions with colleagues, but most importantly from experience of the psychological challenges the game brings at a high level. This experience not only encourages empathy for the difficulties presented by the mental side of golf, it raises understanding and awareness of the tools which work best, in some ways the ‘tricks of the trade’.

If you have a specific golfing environment or situation which presents you with difficulties then why not discuss it with us? We can set up a coaching session which will replicate this as closely as possible, and then examine it with you to find an effective solution.

Alternatively, if you are looking for more of an overview of the key psychological skills of golf then we can run a two hour coaching session which takes you through the journey of a golfer on competition day. This includes the common mental challenges which occur during the journey to the golf club, warming up on the practise ground, waiting to play on the first tee, or walking down the last hole in contention to win. Informative, practical and fun, this coaching session makes an ideal way to introduce yourself to a number of key mental game skills, or even an original gift for the golfer in your life who complains about the way they think! The cost of this session is £90, and can be shared by two to three persons.