David Brooks


Coach Mentoring

The accumulation of over twenty years of practical coaching experience, academic research into coaching pedagogy, and delivery of coach education as a tutor for the PGA, all underpinned by a deep interest in the processes which facilitate the development of coaching expertise, has given David a strong grounding on which to act as mentor to any coach, or group of coaches, looking for assistance in developing their coaching skills and subsequently growing their business.

David is happy to assist in a formal way through the organisation and hosting of seminars and workshops. He can also assist more informally, whether as a facilitator for coaching focused discussion groups, or through one to one mentoring support.

David's philosophy is that every coaching scenario is unique, and will need a development plan which is specific to the circumstances and environment in which the coach, or coaches work. For this reason David's approach to coach development is very flexible, his preference is simply to open a dialogue before any decision is taken on the structure of support put in place.

Below are a few examples of the interactive workshops/discussion groups available from David. Duration can range from a couple of hours as a breakfast meet, through to a full day of interactive discussion.

  • Understanding impact and the link to the golf swing
  • Coaching up and down the golf developmental pathway
  • Short game coaching for club golfers
  • A short game for elite performance
  • The holistic coach, what does this really mean?
  • Growing golf coaching as a business

Alternatively, if you would like to use a less formal approach to coach development and are part of a group of like-minded coaches, then David can act as an independent facilitator. Or it may be you are an individual who would simply like to have the opportunity to discuss the future direction of your coaching career and business with an experienced professional.

It should be stated that David's main driver in delivering any coach education opportunity is not financial, he will look at any request on its merits and suggest a charge accordingly. His primary objective is to learn from the process himself, and very often as a result will rarely look to cover any more than his expenses.