David Brooks


On Course Coaching

As professional coaches we will always coach in the environment most relevant to the challenges faced by the player and therefore most likely to stimulate progress. For many problems which have a strategic or psychological origin the best place to work is out on the golf course.

Within all our coaching sessions we will always be prepared to head out onto the course, even at short notice, whether to play a few holes or to find specific situations which represent the challenges you wish to address.

However, as a coaching team we also offer more formulised versions of on course coaching.

9 hole on course coaching session – 2 ½ hours

With an Academy coach.

After meeting your coach for a quick discussion on the goals for the session you will be accompanied to the practice ground and putting green as you warm up to play. Once on the golf course the session can be review based, allowing our coach to assess your game as you play normally and then make recommendations. Or it can be intervention based, with the coach working on the elements of the game you specified as requiring assistance. These can involve strategy, technique or psychological skills in any number of areas including from the tee, approach play, short game and putting.

After completing your round our coach will sit down with you and summarise the conclusions, making recommendations on the next steps forward.

The coach will not play during this session.

Cost - £80 (can be shared by two persons)

18 hole on course coaching session – 4 ½ hours

With an Academy coach.

Content and structure is similar to the 9 hole coaching session but with more time spent playing.

The coach will not play during this session.

Cost - £150 (can be shared by up to three persons)

18 hole competitive experience

One of the best learning opportunities is to play and compete against golfers of a higher level. Not only does this allow you to benchmark yourself, but the opportunity to watch how an experienced tournament professional prepares to play, follows a strategy, and deals with adversity or setbacks can be an invaluable experience.

This competitive opportunity is particularly aimed at young golfers looking to make a career out of playing golf, or the serious club golfer wanting to use every opportunity to improve their playing skills.

The Academy coaches who take these sessions have played at the highest level in the amateur game, and had success on both regional and national professional tours.

The matches take place in a fully competitive environment, with strokes given and a match-play or stroke-play format agreed. Whether you decide to play for a side wager in addition to the fee is completely up to you!

There will be no coaching involved in this session, and only after the match is completed will our Academy coach give you a summary of observations on your performance.

Cost - £50