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Learn To Play Golf

We believe many people would love to have a go at golf but find the idea daunting. Our goal is to help you to experience golf for the first time in an informal and engaging way. This page introduces what we offer to you as a newer golfer, and answers some commonly asked questions.

Group Classes

Our group programmes are carefully designed to encourage newer players. These include

Get into Golf! Adult Beginner Classes

A four week course of coaching sessions for beginners who would love to have a go at playing golf. Please visit our dedicated Get into Golf Page on the following link.

Get into Golf by clicking here!

Ladies Golf & Coffee Morning

A two hour coaching session designed to introduce women into golf in a fun and relaxed way. And it includes a coffee too!

Some courses last six weeks and other classes are one-offs. All take place at convenient times and provide a great value way to learn to play golf. We introduce you to the fundamentals of the game, and explain such mysteries as the rules and etiquette! To find out availability on our group classes or to book a place please click on the form below, or if you prefer, call us on 01245 224662.

One to one coaching

Alternatively, you can book one to one lessons with our team of coaches specially trained to assist golfers who are starting the game. These individual coaching sessions can be shared by 2 or 3 persons.  

If you have friends who have also expressed an interest in trying golf please encourage them to join you, having a learning partner is fun and can make a big difference!

Frequently asked questions

For your information here are our answers to a few FAQ’s…we hope this helps!

Do I need to be a member of The Warren to book coaching?
Absolutely not! We are a very open and friendly place to visit, with thousands of non-golfing visitors for events and functions every year.

What should I wear?
Whatever you find comfortable! Although there are some traditional dress expectations on the golf course, the clubhouse has a modern approach to clothing. Yes, you can even wear jeans! Our suggestion is that you wear flat soled soles, in fact low profile trainers are perfect. We are outside and occasionally it might rain, so please bring a warm jumper and rain repellent jacket if the forecast is uncertain.

Do I need my own golf clubs?
No, we can provide everything. If you do have clubs by all means bring them along, but if they are thirty years old and handed down to you please don’t be offended if we suggest providing something a little more up to date! Think how tennis racquets have changed from the 1970’s, golf clubs have moved in much the same way!

Will it be expensive to play golf?
Some people manage to make it expensive but it doesn’t need to be. You can play on many courses now for under £10 a round, pretty good value for up to 4 hours of outdoor entertainment and exercise! To play golf you will need a small set of clubs, but these can be purchased for less than the cost of a good meal out.

Where should I go when I arrive at The Warren?
Once you have parked, walk uphill towards the top of the car park where you will find the Proshop, signposted as Reception. Our Academy coaches will be waiting to welcome you.

Can I get something to eat and drink after?
We have a lovely café at The Warren called ‘Freddies’. It is open seven days a week from 7 am to late afternoon and serves a wide range of food and beverage. If you ask your Academy coach they will give you a discount card which entitles you to a reduction on any purchase you make.

I’ve really enjoyed learning about golf with you, now where can I play!?
We have the perfect destination for you! Whilst we very much hope your golfing journey brings you to The Warren one day, we fully appreciate you may want to take a few gentler steps first. Bunsay Golf Club is perfect for learning to play golf, with two courses of shorter length and very welcoming staff. Please ask your Academy Coach for more details, we may well have a special offer available to you.