David Brooks


A Child up to 12 Years Old

Our programmes for this age group aim to fulfil a number of key objectives including to...

  • Support a child of any age wishing to take up golf.
  • Develop general sports skills such as catching, throwing and striking a ball.
  • Enhance movement abilities such as balancing, jumping and running.
  • Develop your child's understanding of golf's different skills and strategies through a range of fun and challenging golf based games.
  • Introduce the rules and etiquette of the game with the aim of your child feeling comfortable and secure in a golfing environment.
  • Assist in moving your child to golf becoming an active pastime and towards joining of a golf club.
  • Introduce your child to playing the game in an environment which is completely appropriate for them.
  • Carefully supervise your child but always with the freedom given to make their own decisions on how to play. To give your child the chance to learn in the best way possible, by being out on the golf course experimenting and sharing in the company of their friends.
  • To create a competitive aspect but with a focus on the children reflecting on their golf, solving problems and learning new skills.
  • To improve their own personal best, but most importantly of all to understand what it means to be safe, respectful and supportive to their partners out on the course.

We organise a range of participation and coaching activities carefully structured for children within this age group, please click on the boxes below for more details.

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