David Brooks


A Young Adult 16+ Years Old

Young adults in this age group will fall into different groups with varying coaching needs depending on their golfing experience and intentions. Please contact our coaching team to discuss the individual requirements of your child, and for recommendation on a pathway forward for you.

The young adult who plays golf to a reasonable level as an active pastime

The challenge for this player will be maintaining an interest and involvement with golf as they deal with the pressures of higher education, new careers and their social life! These stresses on time, finances and lifestyle can change the value this young person derives from their golf. As coaches we recognise this, and consider an important part of our duty is to help this young golfer understand why they should continue to enjoy the game when they have so many choices with their time.

Golf is a great balance to the challenges of education and starting work, and undoubtedly can be a help in driving a career forward. A regular coaching session can maintain a healthy working relationship with a coach, which then allows us to assist in motivating this young golfer to continue to see value in playing the game, and to keep improving.

The young adult who is new to the game

It is always encouraging to see a young adult keen to learn to play golf, in part because it is a less common age to start playing. For all the reasons highlighted in the section above, a young adult may regard golf as overly time consuming and challenging. This need not be the case, and our role as coaches is to help a new starter in this age group achieve a level of competence within a time and commitment level which is achievable for the individual.

The young adult now fully committed to achieving a high level of performance in their chosen specific sport

This young golfer, categorised as being within the investment phase of sport development, will require a specialised level of coaching support. Invariably this golfer will be a low category one golfer, possibly playing and practising full time, and most likely part of a representative squad at county, regional or even national level.

The wide range of skills and attributes needed by this young golfer are covered in detail in the section on squad development elsewhere in our website. However, to explain the responsibility of our coaches to this player the journey from specialising to investing in the game needs to be framed. A player who has made this transition will be developing some, or all of the following skills and attributes.

  • An increased level of autonomy, and a clear understanding they have responsibility over their own development
  • An ability to self-regulate learning, with the skills to self-monitor their own progress
  • A range of effective tools to manage emotions
  • A focus on self-improvement, with the know how to seek help and support from others when it is necessary

Our role as a coach is to help golfing young adults develop these attributes, a transition which can take a great deal of time, patience and expertise. The practicalities of this process will be need to be individualised; if you have a young player under your guidance who is at this stage and needs clearer direction then please contact David to arrange an informal discussion.