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The philosophy behind our Junior Golf Programmes

Our philosophy for junior golf coaching and engagement has been adapted from research into a number of models of sport development and participation, most notably the Developmental model of Sport Participation (DMSP) from Côté, Baker and Abernethy (2007), and the Bio-Social-Psycho model participant development in sport proposed by Bailey et al (2010). Using these frameworks which consider both elite and recreational attainment, we have broadly separated our junior development to reflect three specific stages of a child's engagement in sport.

To see how our coaching programmes are specifically directed to each age group please click on the relevant sections below.

Ages 6–12 years

Most children in this age group fall into a sampling phase where a child will engage with a range of sports as a source of fun and excitement. The activities are designed to maximize inherent enjoyment and will usually be regulated by the participants or adult supervisors.

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Ages 13–15 years

Children interested in golf within this age group generally fall into one of the following four categories, all of which will require a different approach to coaching and support.

  • The new starter without family members who are golfers
  • The new starter with family who are golfers
  • The established young golfer for whom golf is primarily a pastime
  • The young golfer who is starting to specialise in the game

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Ages 16+ years

Young golfers in this age group generally fall into three categories, all of which will require a different approach to coaching and support.

  • The young adult who is new to the game
  • The young adult who plays golf to a reasonable level as an active pastime
  • The young adult now fully committed to achieving a high level of performance in their chosen specific sport

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: All our golf coaches are fully registered with the Professional Golfers' Association, have up to date CRB/DBS checks in place, and have had specific training with working within these age groups. However, we always still request that children are accompanied by parents or guardians during all their coaching sessions.