David Brooks


Improve Your Golf

We aim to provide golf coaching services and events which push the boundaries of the conventional golf lesson. For an established club level golfer who takes the game seriously, we offer a level of coaching and playing support normally reserved for elite golfers, but in an appropriate format and for great value.

We prefer to work with golfers over the longer term, following a clear plan of action for the period of coaching agreed to be undertaken.

Here are just some of the ways we can help you.

Individual Coaching with our team of ASQ Level 1, 2 and 3 Golf Coaches

Understand your game better, maximise your golfing strengths, and adapt your weaknesses through one to one coaching.

Short Game Schools

Lower your scores by understanding the concepts and techniques required for exceptional scrambling skills.

The Short Game Series

Instil an extra focus on your short game through this series of advanced level coaching for putting, short game (under 50 yards) and pitching/short approach play (50 to 150 yards).

On Course Coaching

Work on your game with our Academy coaches out on the golf course; assessing and refining your course strategy, enhancing shot evaluation, honing routines, improving self-management tools and sharpening technical execution of shots.

The Competitive Experience

Challenge yourself against a successful professional golfer in a competitive match. Seeing the game played well at close first hand is a powerful learning tool, and particularly useful for younger players learning the game.

Practise Club

Sharpen your competitive mind-set by spending a couple of hours engaged in fast, fun and challenging group practise supervised by an Academy coach.

Trackman Yardage Check

Save shots through accurate club selection by finding precisely how far the golf clubs in your bag will carry and roll.

Mental Game Training

Give yourself a competitive advantage by learning a range of thought management techniques and strategies that work.