David Brooks


Excel At Golf

Becoming and sustaining a champion in any sport requires much more than technical mastery. It requires recognition and attainment of a wide set of traits, skills and attributes, all supported through a different style of player-coach engagement. David Brooks has extensive experience in player development not only for technical excellence, he also has the practical and theorectical grounding to enhance the many other elements so critical to sustainable golfing success.

Although we have number of innovative methods and systems in place, we don’t prescribe one solution as a fit for all. We prefer to meet and discuss your requirements on an individual basis, please contact the Academy to organise an informal meeting with David.

What can we offer to you?

Below are examples of some of the elements we believe essential for golfing excellence, if you would like to discuss how we facilitate this development please get in touch.

Detailed performance assessment
Make sense of statistical analysis to create a coherent plan of targeted development

Advanced goal setting
Use goal setting to drive meaningful progress for both long term outcomes and short term small wins

Training and competition scheduling and planning
Know when to train hard and make difficult changes, but balanced to attain and maintain a competitive advantage when required

Co-ordination with sports science expertise
Build effective and open relationships within your coaching team

Technical coaching for driving, approach play, short game and putting
Keep the ball in play from the tee, hit approach shots which maintain or lower your score, possess exceptional scrambling skills and hole out confidently inside 15 feet

Pressure testing
Discover which parts of your game stand up when needed

Be supported formally or informally in dealing with the challenges of life and sport

Mental skills training
Maximise your psychological performance through mental skills including imagery, focus and distraction control

Developing mind-set
Ensure your perceptions of competence assist and don’t hinder your ability to grow

Reflect with clarity
Learn more about your game through structured reflection

Mental toughness development
Understand how to take control of your own destiny, become deeply committed, feel confident in dealing with negative experience and use challenge to grow

Tournament preparation
Conduct practise rounds which make a difference, develop strategies which utilise your strengths, and have plan B’s prepared for when they are needed

Enhance your performance through your nutritional habits

Strength & Conditioning
Ensure your S & C training is moving you forward as a golfer

Access to practice facilities
Enjoy use of some of the best practice facilities in the county

Trackman use
Optimise your ball flight and refine your skill by using Trackman as both a coaching and training tool