Custom Fitting With Trackman

Maximise your distance and accuracy through a professional club fitting using the leading launch monitor in the business.

Our Trackman unit provides a number of fantastic custom fitting opportunities. Combined with the fitting carts on site from Ping and Titleist, the launch monitor enables us to provide a club fitting service to rival even the national fitting centres.

By accurately analysing elements of your ball flight and carefully matching your impact conditions to the ideal specification of club shaft, head style and loft, we can optimise trajectory, carry and roll of all your shots. For you this means achieving maximum distance and accuracy with irons and woods.

Our charges are to cover our club fitting professional's time. All charges will be credited against any golf club purchased as a result of the fitting.

In order that we can co-ordinate your booking with availability of the Trackman please book your session by contacting the Pro-shop on 01245 224662 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Why should I get custom fit for my golf clubs?

It is a common myth among golfers that only low handicap and professional golfers benefit from custom fitting. We believe all golfers enjoy can the same benefit from a custom fitting.

What custom fitting services do we offer?

Every club in the bag can be custom fit, below are the options.

Driver fitting £25 (1 hour)

Ensure you are optimising your driver trajectory components of launch angle and spin rate to achieve optimal carry and roll. We measure your key club and ball perfomance factors with Trackman, and utilise a wide range of head and shaft fitting options to find the best performing driver for your game.

Woods fitting £40 (1½ hours)

Acquire a mix of fairway woods, hybrids and long irons which allow meaningful yardage gaps between clubs, and match your preferred style of long approach play.

Iron fitting £25 (1 hour)

Find a set of irons which encourage you to hit crisp, accurate short and medium approach shots. We ensure your clubs are precisely fitted for flex, lie angle, length and grip size, and are selected to ensure they fill all the gaps evenly.  

Wedge fitting £20 (45 minutes)

Be fitted into wedges with lofts, lies and sole grinds which suit your swing type and maximise your performance around the greens.

Putter fitting £15 (30 minutes)

Did you know that putters have different weights in different parts of the club head. This along with correct putter length and lie angle mean that different putting strokes benefit from different putters.

Full fitting £50 (2½ hours)

Go through every club in your bag from wedges to the driver!

Which brands can I be fitted for?

We believe it is important to understand our market and have carefully chosen Ping and Titleist to be our custom fitting brands. Both companies lead the way in offering the latest technological advances in golf club development. As well as being the choice of many of the world's leading players, both Titleist and Ping have a very srong presence among club golfers.

Our staff are extensively trained by both companies in new products, and can clearly explain the features and benefits of all the clubs in the range.


AFS Custom Fitting Bag

We have a Ping Advanced Fitting System iron bag which holds all the latest irons Ping has to offer. The fitting system contains a wide assortment of iron models with interchangeable shafts in both steel and graphite in a variety of lengths and flexes.

nFlight Custom Fitting Software

The nFlight fitting software allows us to work in conjunction with Trackman to offer a state-of-the-art fitting session. It enables us to identify the ideal set make and individual club specifications to help you play your best.

G30 Demo Bag

A range of the latest G30 drivers, woods and hybrids available in a variety of lofts and shaft flexes to find the right configuration for your golf swing.

Putter Fitting

We have a specially designed putter which is adjustable in length and lie angle to meet your needs. With our vast selection of Ping putters we can find the perfect model ensuring the weight and style suits your putting stroke to optimise performance.

titleist logo


 Surefit 915 Custom Fit Bag

We are Titleist certified fitters with arguable the best launch monitor on the market in Trackman. Being a Titleist Sure Fit Partner we hold over 100 combinations of heads and shafts to find the best set make up for your swing. In the bag we have the latest 915 woods which can be set up for all swing types and swing speeds to maximise performance and make the game easier.

714 Irons

With the latest range of 714 irons from the CB head to the AP2 and with the use of Trackman we can find the best iron for your game. Special care is taken to ensure that the correct lie angle and length of club is found along with the right grips to enhance performance.

SM5 Vokey Wedges

The latest Vokey wedges come in a variety of lofts and bounce profiles to suit the two main swing types of your slider/sweepers and digger/drivers. Along with ground conditions and shot making skills we can fit a selection of wedges to compliment your game.