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Short Game School Intro

Attend a Short Game School and find out how to improve your performance around the green, lower your scores, and gain a new level of confidence in your short game.

Our short game schools are very much structured for club golfers.

Learn how to

  • Build a technique you can rely on for putting, chipping, pitching and bunker play
  • Make your practise time effective and enjoyable
  • Improve feel and control of distance within your short game
  • Overcome nerves and deal with the pressure of competition
  • Play from difficult lies around the green
  • Increase your confidence and feel good about the short game

One Day School – Cost £90

An introduction to the key elements of the short game, the one day school is perfect for club golfers looking improve their basic scoring skills.

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Two Day School – Cost £180

An advanced version which allows for further expansion on the concepts and techniques explored on the One Day School. The extra time also allow for time for David to coach out on the golf course and for a Trackman distance control session for each participant on the school. David also uses a coaching assistant to reduce the coaching ratio on Day 2.

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