Trackman Training

In addition to the coaching tools which Trackman provides it also opens a number of training opportunities. All sessions below are supervised by David Brooks.

Trackman Club Yardage Check

Hit more of your approach shots pin-high by taking our club yardage assessment on Trackman.

We track and record the carry and total yardage of every club in your bag, including full distance shots with all your wedges.  

All yardages are recorded into a club yardage booklet which you take away to keep within your golf bag for future reference.

Price - £50 (1 hour)

Trackman Combine Test

Take the favourite performance test of Tour Pro’s!

This sixty shot challenge asseses your distance control and directional accuracy between 60 yards and a full drive. An email report is generated which gives you key club and impact data, and measures the current level of your ball flight dispersion against a handicap range. You can use this to direct a development plan, or simply as a measure of progress over time.

For more information on the Trackman Combine please follow this link to a short video on

Trackman Combine Video Introduction

Your results are uploaded to the Trackman website so you can compare yourself against the best! 

Price - £50 (1 hour) 

Trackman Wedge Approach

Improve your wedge approach game and hit pitch shots closer with our 60 minute Trackman training session.

This session will develop a wedge distance control system for your shots of length 50 to 150 yards. Whatever your level you will gain valuable insight into how to control trajectory and distance with the wedges in your bag. 

Price - £50 (1 hour)