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Our Coaching Process

Our coaching process for the technical elements of your golf swing

Improving a golf swing takes time and patience, and is always best done by working closely with a specialist golf coach.

The starting point is to review your recent performance on the golf course to identify your strengths and any inconsistency in your ball flight control. A process then starts of analysing back through impact and into your golf swing, the objective being to identify the root cause of the ball flight issues you need to address. This may be found within your downswing, transition or backswing, or it may trace all the way through your swing and originate in your set-up.


A simple example of an analysis of a shortened distance resultant from inefficient use of the levers in the golf swing, the root cause being a poor positioning of the club-shaft within the grip.

Board adapted from Wiren, G. (2010) Laws, principles and preferences – a teaching model: In Science and Golf, proceedings of the first World Scientific Congress of Golf; (Ed) Cochrane, A.J

Once the source of your ball flight challenges are identified and measured, the next step is to find the most suitable way to address these issues. Fundamental to this is the creation of an action plan which incorporates best practice in skill development, motivation and goal setting. But most importantly of all, it must reflect the time and effort you can realistically afford to progress your game.

But is this the true root cause?

It may be the root cause of the challenges in your game lie deeper than within your golf swing, it may have a physical, conceptual or psychological origin. The skill of a truly holistic golf coach is to be able to delve deeper and identify where the problems originates.

A continued analysis of the initial scenario, with the inefficiency in the lever system being amplified by restricted wrist mobility, and the poor club positioning resultant of a flawed concept, psychological anxiety and poorly fitted equipment. Lots of opportunity for improvement!

This fictional example of a golfer and the challenges in their game is used simply to illustrate how an effective coaching process allows the coach to work back through a chain of potential influence to identify the root cause of the golfer’s problem. A crucial skill because if as your coach we cannot identify the root cause of the problem, how can we deliver an effective solution for you?