David Brooks


Coaching Philosophy

This philosophy is not about how to swing a golf club, but is the rationale behind the development of our range of golf coaching programmes. Developing a golfer involves much more than purely improving swing technique, and the depth of programmes available to you reflects this.

The David Brooks Golf Academy aims to.....

Provide people of all ages with the opportunity to firstly experience, then learn and finally excel at the game.

Offer all the practice facilities and coaching expertise required by golfers whatever their ability and experience, whether they are taking their first golf swing or playing for a living.

Give club golfers access to information available to tour professionals, particularly in the fields of fitness, psychology and the short game.

Ensure every session and programme is practical as possible. Humans learn by experiencing and doing, not only watching and listening.

Work within every player's limitations, whether it be physical, technical, lifestyle or a personal time commitment.

Take a patient approach. If we are not patient ourselves we have no right to expect our pupils to be patient.

Make the coaching programmes engaging. For all but a tiny percentage of golfers this game is a hobby, and an enjoyable experience is far more likely to be a worthwhile learning one.

Encourage our pupils to understand golf has potential for a lifetime of learning; it's a journey, and the key to improving is to relish and enjoy that journey.

Continually strive to improve our own skills and knowledge. By learning more about the game and how to coach it ourselves, we have better information and knowledge to pass onto our clients. If we get better, then you get better!